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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

In terms of talent development, our talent strategy is to tap the potential of employees, improve the quality of employees, and optimize the talent structure through modern human resource management practices to enhance the competitive advantage of the enterprise, seize the commanding heights of future development, and create an excellent environment for personal value realization Pursue the best combination of corporate needs and employee needs.
In the process of human resource management, the company adheres to management innovation, actively uses modern management technology, attracts talents, retains talents, motivates talents, enhances talents, modernizes company management, and provides employees with development space that fully realizes their own value. Comprehensively promote the construction of a talent team focusing on practice and training, and cultivate and create a group of composite backbone management teams that understand technology and manage.
In terms of the employment mechanism, the company has always adhered to the "employment by virtue, use only by quantity" approach. Accept talents, discover talents, and cultivate talents with an open talent concept.