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Aging appliances become the culprit of fire


Aging appliances become the culprit of fire

    Recently, many netizens posted that recently, a fire truck whistled across the road at night in Wuxi and rushed to the rescue scene. In the fall, the temperature is obviously dry, and fire accidents are showing a clear upward trend. It is known from the fire department that fires caused by the aging of electrical appliances and circuits account for a large proportion, especially in some old factories and old houses, this phenomenon is particularly prominent.
    Two fires in a day look "old"
The day before yesterday, there was a fire in Xicheng's new district and within the urban area that was not serious but caused great public concern. Netizens were shocked in Weibo and other spaces. Why did the fire suddenly converge? Xiaobian learned from the Wuxi fire brigade that the general judgment period for fire causes is about two months, but there is a phenomenon worth noting-the latest data shows that only in June and July of this year, due to circuit problems There were six fires that caused relatively serious losses. The fires included both electronic and woolen mills and residential houses. Their common feature is oldness.
    Electrical aging is actually the aging of electrical circuits
    "Electrical aging actually refers to the aging of electrical circuits. After the circuit has reached a certain age, it can no longer be used normally," said a person in charge of an electrical brand. "In addition, high temperature baking, sunlight, and corrosive harsh environments will directly As a result, the life of electrical circuits is shortened, and even the insulation layer of the line is cracked, blackened, and decomposed. This will cause short circuits, local heat generation and excessive temperature, melting the insulation layer, igniting surrounding combustible materials, and then causing fire. "
    Effective measures to eliminate fire hazards
    Both enterprises and individuals should pay attention to the fire caused by the aging of electrical appliances and circuits, and do some practical and useful measures to eliminate the fire hazards.
In ordinary daily life, citizens should check the electrical wiring in the house for safety. Try not to mess with the wiring privately. In the kitchen, bathroom and other wet areas in the house, you should also take measures to protect the circuit from leakage and install automatic air. It is strictly forbidden to use copper wire or aluminum wire to replace fuses for switches and fuses. It is best to ask professionals to change the wiring of home circuits to prevent fire hazards.
    The aging meter box should be replaced in time to avoid the aging of the wires and the short circuit of the circuit causing the meter to burn. Secondly, regularly check the use of electrical appliances, whether the heat dissipation is good, do not place combustible materials too close to the heat source, especially check whether the electrical appliances are overloaded with electricity, try to avoid using multiple high-power electrical appliances at the same time, try not to use household appliances in thunderstorms .
    There is a precursor to electrical fires
    Electrical fires usually have precursors, so everyone should keep an eye on them. If you smell a pungent odor of burning rubber or plastic at home, it may be an electrical fire. In this case, you should investigate the cause and repair it as soon as possible. After confirming that the appliance is on fire, immediately pull the brake to cut off the power. If you encounter a fire on a TV, induction cooker, or other household appliances, do not spill water on the appliance. Use a dry powder fire extinguisher or a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. When the situation is critical, you can also cover the electrical appliances with soaked bedding to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing.
    If there is a fire, keep in mind several escape rules: Touch the door before opening it. If the door is hot or smoke is found entering through the door, you must not open the door. Prepare a second escape route; Escape a room and close the door when you arrive; if the exit passage is blocked by thick smoke and there is no other route to go, you should stay close to the ground and walk forward through the thick smoke area.